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Under-carpet heater

  • Perfect for a great comfort zone.

  • Low power consumption (320 W).

  • Surface temperature of 30oC.

  • Connection cable with Schuko plug.

  • It can be placed under any type of carpet.

quality air

they don’t consume oxygen or produce bad odors

easy to install

they just need a power outlet to work

very low consumption

work at low power and produce localized heat


for the home

are very useful in both living rooms and rooms

for work

Perfect to place in offices, waiting rooms, etc…

for the whole family

can be placed in spaces with children and pets

How do they work?

The heaters under carpet are designed to be covered by a conventional carpet of any material. The surface temperature of the carpet is about 30oC.

How to use them?

They connect directly to the mains. They have no regulation. They can be placed under carpets of any material: textile, raffia, plastic, etc.

Where to use them?

Under carpet heaters have multiple applications: living rooms or bedrooms where the floor temperature is cold, or so children can play on the floor without cooling down. Through the heaters under carpet we get a large area of heat, located where it is most beneficial: on the ground: