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  • Very low consumption
  • High-end equipment
  • Low sound level

quality air

they don’t consume oxygen or produce odors


easy to install

they just need a power outlet to work

very low consumption

manage to save more than 60% energy

Fan Range:


for industrial ships, outdoor work, etc.


they are perfect for installing on terraces and tents.


allow you to enjoy open spaces throughout the year.


How do they work?

MCONFORT fans create airflows that are extremely useful when it comes to air conditioning spaces. They use axial type turbines and have very low energy consumption.

When to use them?

They’re very versatile equipment. We can use them to generate air currents that reduce the thermal sensation of a given area, as well as to ventilate all kinds of spaces. They are very useful to combat the stratification that occurs in the air when we are using heating equipment or air conditioning and we can also use them to divert annoying or poorly focused air conditioning currents.

Where to use them?

We can use them in any area where we need to generate a point current. Our range of equipment is designed to cover from personal spaces to large areas, both indoors and outdoors.