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Radiant Panels

  • Indoor or covered outdoor use.
  • Installable on wall and ceiling.
  • Suitable for all types of spaces.
  • Large radiation distance.
  • They do not emit light.
  • IP24 protection.
  • Sober and elgante design.
  • Operating LED indicator.

quality air

they don’t consume oxygen or produce odors

easy to install

they just need a power outlet to work

very low consumption

manage to save more than 60% energy



for industrial buildings, workshops, warehouses, shops, etc.


they are perfect for installing on terraces and tents.


they allow to heat any room of the house.

How do they work?

Radiant panels emit long-wave infrared radiation so that they manage to heat all those objects on which the radiation strikes, but without drying out the environment. In addition, the type of wave they use is invisible, so they do not emit light, which, together with their sober design, makes it an ideal product to install in any space without creating visual discomfort.

How to use them?

These types of products are very simple to use, since once located in place (radiant panels can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall), it is only necessary to connect them to the electrical network. They incorporate high quality components and are protected against overheating.

Where to use them?

One of its main assets is that they have an IP24 water protection, so they are suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors under cover, which makes the panels a very versatile solution.

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