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Heating Carpet

  • Pleasant warmth in the feet that increases well-being.

  • Low power consumption and high efficiency.

  • High thermal power, fast and effective heat.

  • The sturdy coating adapts to any environment.

  • Surface temperature 40ºC.

quality air

they don’t consume oxygen or produce bad odors

easy to install

they just need a power outlet to work

very low consumption

very low power and concentrated heat

Product range

for the home

use them while reading a book, watching TV, surfing the web…

for work

perfect to warm up your office position

for the whole family

can be placed in spaces with children and pets

How do they work?

Heating mats reach a constant temperature of about 40 ° C, so that they do not burn to the touch and allow you to remain with your feet in contact with the surface for long periods of time.

How to use them?

Heating mats feature a ignition switch. They do not have a thermostat, since their temperature is constant and they are protected against overheating. They should not be covered by another carpet.

Where to use them?

The heating mat is ideal to prevent our feet from running cold, both at home and at work. We get a pleasant feeling with a very low energy consumption.

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