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Heating Carpet

Surface temperature: Approx 40oC
Switch connection cable
Anthracite grey coating
For housing or laborgs.

How do they work?

The heating mats reach a constant temperature of about 40oC, in which they do not burn to the touch and allow to stay with the feet in contact with the surface for long periods of time. The under-carpet heater is designed to be covered by a conventional carpet of any material. The surface temperature of the carpet is about 30oC.

How to use them?

Heating mats feature a ignition switch. They do not have a thermostat, as the temperature is constant and they are protected against overheating. They should not be covered by another carpet. The under-carpet heaters connect directly to the electric current. They have no regulation. They can be placed under carpets of any material: textile rafia, plastic, etc.

Where to use them?

The heating mat is ideal to prevent our feet from running cold, both at home and at work. We get a pleasant feeling with a very low energy consumption. The heaters under carpets have multiple applications: living rooms or bedrooms where the ground temperature is cold, or so that children can play on the floor without cooling and protected from a protected heat source. We get with the heaters under carpet a large surface of heat, located where it is resolved most beneficial, on the floor.


AC-40×60 AC-50×70 AC-60×90
Dimensions 40×60 cm 50×70 cm 60×90 cm
Power 75w 100w 150W
Ean 8436547270019 8436547270026 8436547270033